NEW- ضمان سنة Slim Fresh K617: Redragon's new 60% layout wired keyboard in a refreshing transparent style with a no-brainer deal economic offer. Compact 61 keys with transparent switches, dedicated for FPS Gamers and efficient working. Unveiling, Shining - K617 SE boasts trended full-transparent fancy design, keycaps, switches and even the whole board are all made from transparent materials. A unique piece of electronics on the desktop, lets glorious light shine through at max level with backlit on. Vibrant RGB: Up to 20 presets backlighting modes are free to choose by the keyboard itself. Brightness and flowing speed is also adjustable on board. Select your own preferred modes for any playing. Pro Software Customizable: Expand your options using the available software to design your own new modes and effects found on redragonshop. Macros with different keybindings or shortcuts for more efficient work and gaming. Dedicated for FPS Gamer: Place the keyboard proper straight on your desktop and no more crooked way for mouse space saving, your mouse will never hit the keyboard any more. Enjoy waving the mouse without any worries and go get that Team Kills.


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