Product Information SILLAR GAMER MODEL STRATOS BRAND NJOYTECH Characteristics: - Backrest recline up to 180° - Ergonomic armrests - Metal base - Adjustable armrests and angle (2d) - Multifunctional mechanism - High quality comfortable foam padding. - Class 4 gas piston Accessories: - head cushion - Back cushion - Eco-leather material - Dimensions : 590 x 1460 x 600 mm - Weight : 25kg While you are sitting at a desk you are exerting yourself with many parts of your body. Not just the spine, but also the wrists, neck, shoulders, and arms. We know exactly the position of the body when performing routine tasks, so the chair has to be an extension of the spine. The best and most effective option is the ergonomic chair made by NJOYTECH. Prepared with great care and attention to detail guaranteeing fast results. Ideal solution for professional users and gamers who spend long hours sitting resigning a good posture. GAMER NJOYTECH chairs offer you the most ergonomic position in the segment. Reinforced structure that guarantees safety and durability of your NJOYTECH chair. Adjustable and versatile backrest: have a coffee, watch a movie, play on your PC or console in the position you like best. Simply by operating a lever you can choose the inclination that best suits you. Solid 5-arm base for next-level stability and mobility. High quality solid foam mold that adjusts perfectly to your physiognomy. AVAILABLE COLORS: RED BLACK / SKY BLUE BLACK

269AED 399AED-32.58%

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