ضمان سنة جودة عالية وبسعر أقل SAND T-TGK321 BLUE SWITCHES LAYOUT: ENG The Arena is a 60% type mechanical keyboard: with only 61 keys, it gives the mouse as much freedom as possible without compromising on functionality. It’s a fearsome competitor, with high-end mechanical switches and all the features needed for gaming. SWITCHES TO HIT THE WASD The Arena is equipped with T-Dagger Brown switches : tactile, silent, with a durability of 50 million clicks. Its keys are double injected and it has a double FN key to preserve all the power of a full keyboard. THE BRILLIANT TOUCH OF OUR DAGGER While it saves valuable desk space, the Arena certainly doesn’t cut corners on light and color. It is equipped with 18 lighting effects with adjustable brightness and the possibility of key-by-key customization . AN AWESOME FIGHTER It may be small, but it’s solid. The Arena is made of high quality reinforced ABS and is prepared to withstand the jolts of gaming.

69AED 80AED(-13.75%)

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